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Today, we have made more and more low-cost Lovelink Cheats display in the United States, which has made our game more and more popular There is also the degree of criticizing the Lovelink hack for gems. Twenty days ago, our access to information was limited to magazines. Today, we have a variety of Lovelink game mod information websites, which can also deepen our understanding of a work from live broadcast and video. The existence of these Lovelink media makes us become a careful buyer, and we are critical of the game. Finally, make complaints about the price of Lovelink, many people have made a mistake: the real criticism is not price itself, but the fact that “big factory” is ugly and embarrassing. Especially in the DLC, security mechanism and sub section sales, they actually increase the selling price of the game in disguise and aggravate the game experience of the Lovelink game player.