Chapters Interactive Stories Cheats

Chapters Interactive Stories Cheats – Guides for more diamonds hack

Chapters: Interactive Stories is another story choice mobile game. If you have ever played choices game before, you must be familiar with their gaming control. Many players want us to write some tips and cheats of this game. Though this game has been released for almost two years, there are still many interesting things to discover. As you wish, we will provide you latest Chapters Interactive Stories cheats and tips in this article. Let’s begin now.


Play Original Story: ROBIN HOOD story. It is a new and interesting story. We recommend you play it firstly. Because it will help you enter into several chapters which make you earn diamonds easily. These chapters have a specified number on your story card and will be scratched when completed.
Just like most of the choices game, you have to complete these chapters one by one to get your rewards. Diamonds are only a small part of the reward, you can also get tickets (keys to enter into different chapters) when complete all the chapters.

Next you should play DRAMA story ‘Kidnapping the Princess’. You will use the diamonds and tickets you earn from last story to unlock this drama story. Pay attention, you will find it more difficult to earn diamonds in this story compared with the last one. What’s worse, your tickets will decrease quickly in this story. So that’s why many players are stuck in this story. At this moment, you can’t use usual way to get enough diamonds. You either purchase them in the game store or use latest Chapters Interactive Stories hack to harvest them. Anyway, you need lots of diamonds and tickets to get through this story.

Some players may ask is it good to unlock all the stories at the same time using diamonds. Well, we suggest you try to not do this. Firstly, this action will cost you big amount of diamonds. Secondly, you will lost the focus on some specific story. Once all the stories are unlocked at the same time, you will have no idea how to start your first story. It only make you feel confused. So we strongly recommend you play the story one by one with a proper order.

It is a painful thing to make the right choice in each story, but if you follow our Chapters game play guide, you will know how to master this choice game soon.

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